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Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.
Letters of Note: Nothing good gets away
Date a man who dreams


Date a man who dreams.


Date a man who doesn’t spend his money on drink, or clothes, or video games, but saves what he has to go on adventures and pursue his dreams. He might have problems dealing with everyday things but no-one sees the possibilities life holds like he does. This is a man who…

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The love that only two people can understand.
10 Relationship Mistakes Everyone Makes | Thought Catalog

10. Putting off breaking up when you know it has to end.

You think you’re a magician who is hoodwinking them with your patented ability to “pretend like the flame is still there when it clearly isn’t,” but they know. We all know. And there is nothing worse than being stuck with someone who has already checked out but doesn’t have the fortitude to call things off. Just do the right thing, take them down to the Applebee’s, and call it off. Rip that band-aid off. You’ll feel so much better

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"Let go. Be confident. Know that now is only a moment, and that if today is as bad as it gets, understand that by tomorrow, today will have ended."

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You no longer need massive shows of affection to prove your love for each other. Or to parade your relationship all over the internet. Because you’ve become so comfortable in your little world. That you really don’t care enough to show it to the rest of the real world. Probably because you’re so much more secure about your relationship. And it’ll take a lot to make you lose faith in what you guys took so long to build.

Natalie Koh - “20 ways to know you’re in a long term relationship”

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Forgiving someone doesn’t mean condoning their behavior. It doesn’t mean forgetting how they hurt you or giving that person room to hurt you again. Forgiving someone means making peace with what happened. It means acknowledging your wound, giving yourself permission to feel the pain, and recognizing why that pain no longer serves you. It means letting go of the hurt and resentment so that you can heal and move on. Not because what happened didn’t matter, but because harboring that level of anger and bitterness takes up too much energy and causes too much pain. You don’t need any more pain. You need to heal. And in order to do that, you need to forgive. Not for them, but for you.